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Top Ten District! YES!

You might have seen in some of the local media, but school and district report cards came out this week. For the 4th consecutive year, our district and schools have all been given the “significantly exceeding expectations” distinction. As a district, we are ranked 5th in the state of Wisconsin out of 424 school districts. This is a great testament to our students, staff, and community who truly value a quality educational experience and work hard everyday to progress and succeed. We should be very proud of the work that is accomplished everyday inside and outside of our school walls! Merton Schools are truly a terrific places to learn and grow!

Staff spotlight

A new feature for my smore is coming your way soon. We have a terrific staff who have wonderful backgrounds, interests, hobbies, and thoughts about our world. In the near future, I will be presenting our teachers and staff to you so that you can learn more about them.

Finding a Friend in Grade 4

Under the "guidance" of our counselor, Jackie Kohnert, and her 4th grade teaching cohorts, the children experienced a new way to discover that there are classmates out there who they haven't discovered yet. This activity helped to spur interest in others outside the immediate circle of friends. No names were on the papers, so the information was anonymous. Future events are in the works to connect the new-found friends..
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An example from Finding a Friend Activity

Here is a sample of the description of a friend someone would like to have.

The Giving Trees and Mitten Tree are Here

In our Primary School Front Entrance is the annual display for our families to get involved in giving. The trees have "decorations" of green tags with items that a family can donate for this season. We know Merton is already a wonderfully generous community and we are proud of all that you do.

Mrs. Lew's Class grabs the Box Top Crown

Mrs. Lewandowski's class grabbed the top class with box tops. Alicia Payne helped a lot to make it all happen. Way to go class!
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Mike Budisch

One of the best reasons our children do well in our schools is the unending and unwavering support and guidance they receive from our school counselor, Ms. Kohnert. Here you can see her with some of our fourth graders in a new activity about finding new friends. We can always count on Jackie to find the positive in children and our staff.