7th grade Survey

Needs Assessment 2017

What are our 7th graders saying?

The school year has certainly started off with a surge of speed. When we look at our student population, we want to know what they are feeling, and how they are getting acclimated to the school, and the brand new year. The Counseling Department surveys every grade level. This information from the Needs Assessment, gives us an informative tool to help us adjust to the needs of our population. For example, my 7th graders were asked 9 questions relating to their feelings about school. A total of 372 students completed the survey. The following information is what we found.

What questions did I ask?

The questions ranged from current feelings about school, stress level, social media, bullying, cyber-bullying, and harassment.

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How's your 7th grade year going?

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Why has your year been going "Horrible"?


"It's a long story

Cause I don't like Rippon

classroom bullies me

teachers and students


hate school and some teachers but i do pretty good with my friends

extremely boring except for encore"

Although statistically only 7 students stated that their year is going horribly, they are still very important in the big picture. Their answers certainly portray an array of different emotions and frustrations.

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12 Students are suffering in silence. 42 total answers. 12 told an adult, 12 have not told anyone.

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HOW DO WE COMBAT BULLYING AT RIPPON? 2017-2018 Ambassadors for Change: A peer led anti-bullying program for our Rippon Students!

This is going to be the 2nd year that we are implementing this program. This year, we are adopting the Medal of Honor Character Development Program. Beginning this month, we will begin lessons throughout each grade level on the six core values. We will be introducing the students to the Medal of Honor Foundation website. The core values are.

Dec: Citizenship

Jan.: Commitment

Feb: Courage

March: Integrity

April: Patriotism

May: Sacrifice

Core values are important in building a sense of family among the students, service among their peers and our Prince William community, It is our hope. that the students learn from the recipients of the Medal of Honor, and find their personal hero inside of themselves.

Parents and teachers, please join us by visiting the Medal of Honor website to find out more about what our Ambassadors for Change will be doing this school year! Here is the website: www.themedalofhonor.com

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Good News: 94.9% have not experienced cyber bullying, but 4.3% have experienced online harassment.

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Social Media: How private are the accounts: Safety issues?

Students have many different accounts, but often times they share passwords and they also leave their accounts open. This is a problem! Safety protocols need to be in place. It all begins at home!
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It is fascinating that 22.2% do not use social media. That's 82 students! However, 5.1% or 19 students have received inappropriate messages online.

30.5% of the students do not have privacy settings on their accounts!

Help us Parents! This is where the parent partnership is a major factor in keeping students safe, in and out of the home. Rippon's Counseling Department has worked consistently with students over the past four years, teaching them about online safety. In 6th grade, we conduct the Pause before you Post workshop. Ms. Rapcavage also uses the Netsmartz.Org website integrating additional safety models to teach our students. In 7th grade, the students will be participating in a Sexual Harassment class, and I do touch upon online safety issues throughout the lesson.
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Let's Talk about Stress! 75 Students are feeling stressed!

That's a pretty high percentage of students who are not managing their stress level. Based on this need, we may be implementing some strategies in the classroom to help students deal with their stress level. Stay tuned for more information to come!

What do our 7th graders look like? Here are some additional statistics.

Stay tuned for more!!!