We want to make cooperation with your LC

Who am I ?

Hello my name is Burçak . I am quality manager AIESEC in Kocaeli , Turkey.


Kocaeli is a bay city which has sea side both to Marmara and Blacksea and near to Istanbul.Our city is biggest Industrial City in Turkey. Our LC has a reputation about Exchange Quality too. Last Summer we had Reception Award .It is really good chance to learn Turkish Culture and develop your skills.

We have a lot of Education TNs . And we want match TNs with your EPs ASAP.

WHY ? As you know we have 2015 vision. And our driver is GIP. So we have a lot of TN form in myaiesec And we need some EP .

HOW ? We want to match our TN form quickly . For example ıf we need EP ı will send mail , you can talk with your EPs and than arrange a interwiev.

WHAT ? This year we want to make cooperation with your LC. We want to benefit both of LC. WE WANT TO MAKE 2015 Vision HAPPEN TOGETHER !