Points of Pride

March 24, 2019

Instructional Focus:

As we start to analyze how Ready GEN is going to impact our reading blocks, it will be important that we reflect on what we currently do. It's possible that with Ready GEN, the Daily 5 structures that are widely used around the campus may not be as compatible (they might be just fine, but I'm trying to cause some reflection).

I read the following brief article recently and I found it very interesting. It states that in the typical "Reading Workshop" structure teacher prioritize independent work that will keep students quiet. While this is a great goal, it doesn't guarantee learning. Check out the following brief, research-based article for guidance on how to select meaningful, engaging activities for your literacy block (Plus the author is from ASU-yay!)

Deepening Independence in Reading

Upcoming Events:

  • Book Fair all week from 3/25-3/29
  • 3/25: Science Camp Meeting @ 5:30
  • 3/26: Fire Truck Visit for Kindergarten @ 9:00
  • 3/27: 2:15 Release-Site PD: Grades K, 1, 2 will be working on Ready Gen; Grades 3-6 will meet in the library to cover AIMS and AzMERIT testing
  • 3/28: Munchkins with Mom @ 7:30
  • 3/29: ALP Field trip to Highland High @ 9:00; 9:30-11:30: Robert will be talking to classes about testing
  • 4/1: AzMERIT-6th Grade Writing; Elementary Art Show @ 7:30-Norwood Furniture
  • 4:2: AzMERIT-3rd Grade Writing; Kindergarten Meets Spring the Fire Dog @ 10:00 in the band room; Dad's Club @ 7:00
  • 4/3: AzMERIT-5th Grade Writing; 6th Grade leaves for Science Camp; No Specials after 12:00; 2:15 Release-PLC
  • 4/4: AzMERIT-4th Grade Writing; Kinder field trip to the Police Station @ 9:00
  • 4/5: AzMERIT-3rd and 5th Math Part 1; 6th grade returns from Science Camp