Let Them Be Free

We get Freedom they get Totured

By: Alyssa Z.

Caged in Spirits

Zoos are not much more than a collection of sad animals and giving us a very bad example about how we should treat animals and creatures. To some people, animals are great. Well, if you think that than don't pay your money to see animals being totured and abused. Because that makes populations go down and endangered species go up. So when you pay to see the animals, you are paying to see them die.

Stress is Happening

Stress for animals? When animals get stressed they pace back and forth, there head bobbing, rocking, repeatedly retracing there steps, sitting motionless or bitting the bars of there enclosures or themself.

Half & Half

Even Dr. Dave Hone, a supporter of zoos and self-proclaimed "Life-long fan of zoos." Says he knows there are bad zoos and bad exhibits. "Not all animals are kept perfectley." I feel that if even one animal is mistreated in a zoo, that is TOO many.
A stressed rhino in Ueno zoo
Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

Same old Thing

The enclousers don't let the animals live their lives in a natural way. No matter how beautiful the cages are, how big they are it does not reach the level of wild life. It is no surprise that elephants don't do well in zoos at all. The average life span of zoo elephant is about 16-18 years, while in the wild elephants can live 50-70 years.

Zoo or the Wild

In the wild, elephants walk up to 30 miles each day. Bears are active for up to 18 hours a day exploring. Their home ranges for up to hundreds of miles. Tigers and lions love running, climbing, and will roam many miles to hunt. But when these animals are stuck in cages or small enclosures at zoos, they don't get to do the things that are natural to them. Instead, animals are kept in zoos in cramped spaces with no privacy and don't excrise or keep their minds active.

Safari Parks vs Zoos

Think Safari Parks are better than traditional Zoos? Woburn Safari Park was keeping its lions locked into small enclosures for 18 hours a day. If you think thats bad enough listen to this. A baby orangutan, Mahal was biting the bars of his enclosure, he died 4 years later, at the age of five.

But you Still Put him Down

When Copenhagen Zoo put down a healthy 18 moth old male giraffe in 2014 much of the world was horrifed.

" This is not a thing that should go anywhere outside of Denmark," says Copenhagen Zoo's scientific director Bengt Holst, responding to the barrage of critical news coverage. " We all know it's done every day," Every day? It's not actually quite that often, but Holst says it's difficult to give a precise number.

Would you Rather: Dead or Alive

The dead animals are stuffed and stacked in a cornner of the zoo after conflict and disease caused many of them to die. Also a group of starving ostriches try to stick their heads through a wire fence to get to the plants at the Al Bisan Zoo. If the zoo keepers love being with the animals so much, than why do they have them suffer.

No more Tickets

Now you see why zoos are bad. Animals will die. Their enclousures are small. They don't get freedom. What more do you need to be convinced to stop buying tickets to the zoos and supporting these horrible conditions. We get Freedom they get Tortured.

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