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February 2015

Month of the Heart

Today happens to be the 13th anniversary of my first date with my husband James! Our first date was, Ground Hog day, 2002, dinner at Cozymels in Dallas. Valentines that year was our 3rd date. Have you ever had a 3rd date on Valentine’s Day? It is a bit awkward. What is an appropriate card or gift for a 3rd date on Valentines? I brought him a six pack of beer and homemade brownies. It must have been a good choice because; this Valentine’s Day is the 12th anniversary of our wedding engagement.

It is hard for me to avoid that February is the month of the heart. In anticipation of this month I started doing some research on oils for romance. I learned from the Modern Essential book, interesting things, like Ylang Ylang has been used in some traditions to cover the beds of newlywed couples on their wedding night.

If I get into this subject too deeply I just know you will feel me blushing through the pages of this electronic newsletter. I shared a few links below about essential oils that are associated with libido, intimacy, sensuality, and romance. I also found a couple of articles on the subject that seemed worth sharing.

If you aren’t feeling romantic, start with nutrition, exercise and essential oils that help you lift the mood. I have been hearing about so many families going through tragic circumstances. I am praying for each of you to have a healthy, happy February. I hope that you find a little romance this month.

Essential Oils and Romance

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Ylang Ylang for irregular heart beat

This doctor uses Ylang Ylang and notices it helps irregular heart beat.

Do it Yourself

Valentines Day Spa Therapy

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Thursday, March 5, Katy, TX, Roller Bottle, Make and Take

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Date Night Celebrating our 13th Anniversary

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