Education Apps

Here are some of the apps we use in the class room.


iMovie is an app that you can get on your iPad. This app is so much fun. You can make trailers on books or other topics. You can also make just an iMovie which is also fun. iMovie will let you put in pictures, videos, voice recordings, and add as much color as you want. iMovie trailers gives you a limit of time that you can put things into. On iMovie trailer you can choose a theme and it will do all the creating for you. These iMovies turn out so cool.

Garage Band

Garage Band is a really cool and fun app. On Garage Band you can do what ever you want. Garage Band lets you record something. After you record what you want recored you can add music to the background. If you don't want the music in the background you can brake the recording and have music separating the recording. You can even play the piano, drums, or guitar and add that to your recording or recordings. This is a great app.

Book Writer

Now you can make your books on Book Writer. This is an app were you can add text and change color. You can add Haiku Decks, Pic Collages, iMovies, and more. This is a very good app because you can put is all in one. So you don't have to look around for your things.

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