Confederation, Unitary, and Federal

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-Some places in India have chosen to combine aspects of both Unitary and Federal! It worked for them, it can work for you!

-Any of these government styles are effective if used correctly, however Confederations rarely last long, due to weak central government

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Confederations are usually formed by treaties

Consolidates authority from autonomous people (takes authority from individuals and conifnes it to government in whole)

Central government is required to support all members

Historically used with the Iroquois Confederacy, Serbia and Europe, as well as the attempted formation of the Confederate States of America

Unitary specifics

The central government declares states, which then help the central government to rule the people.

The Central government has complete control over regional governments, and is essentailly the only level of government in many examples.

Unitary systems are typically found with more order, but less freedom, as per the tradeoff.

Used in some areas of Indonesia and France

Federal specifics

Central and Regional governments both have considerable power.

Some systems have contingencies for when the two disagree about a method for the same goal (i.e. United states, Central trumps regional)

Both Central and Regional governments are given their power directly by the country's constitution

Used in Malaysia, Argentina, and Australia.

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