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Quick Technology Tips

If you ever have a technology problem, feel free to let me know. The best way to have your issue addressed is by logging it here on the Technology Issues Google Form. I will check technology issues on a daily basis. We will do our best to address your issue as soon as possible. A Google Calendar is used for checking out JRES technology carts. Please complete Technology Usage Authorization form to have access to the Google Calendar for cart sign-ups.

Here is a link to my Helpful Links for Teachers page that also includes several step-by-step directions on how to access a variety of tools, tutorials, and helpful sites for you to use! Please check here if you ever have a question about how to operate or use any of the technology in your classroom.
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Correct Use of Technology

As a safety precaution, please make sure all devices and cords are locked up daily. Many visitors visit our building on a daily basis, so we want to be sure there are no devices left out in the open. Also, please make sure you always update devices on a regular basis. My recommendation is to set your computers to install updates automatically, so you are not bothered with updating your Apple software. Unfortunately, not all programs update automatically. Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, and Java are a few that will give a pop up option on your screen to update periodically. Please do not do this at a later time. Go ahead and run your update. Usually these updates take less than a minute. If you postpone an update, several updates may back up and will require much more time to update in the future. Also, failing to update computers is against Warren County Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy. Technology devices need periodic updates in order to maintain their function. Not updating properly could cause damage to a hard drive, or could permanently disable your device, causing loss of data. Please be proactive and update devices on a regular basis. I recommend at least once a month.

Also, please establish routines in your classroom for student use of technology. "Two-hand touch" is a term I refer to in the library when handling any and all technology. Students should always have two hands on a device at all times. Technology should never be stacked in a way that it could fall if bumped. No food or drink should be around devices at any time.

Per Warren County Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy, students are allowed to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), but all devices must be manufactured by Apple, Inc. No Android, Windows, or any other manufacturer is not allowed to be used as a BYOD item in WCPS. While I will be reviewing these procedures with students, please also reinforce these procedures to ensure we continue to have functioning and long-lasting devices in our school.

Would You Like to Collaborate?

I am available on Thursdays beginning September 3rd for collaboration with teachers. Please fill out the form to request your date and time. I can help you with new technology, resources for project-based learning, research skills, promoting reading in your class, or any other topic you would like to discuss. I would love to team-teach with you on a project you are doing in class or suggest resources for you to use! Reach out to me at any time!