World of Nanotechnology

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What is the definition of Nanotechnology?




noun: nanotechnology

  1. the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.

How is nanotechnology currently being used to benefit society?

Nanoscale additives can be found in many products such as baseball bats, tennis rackets, motorcycle helmets, bumpers, and bike frames with many more. This helps makes them more durable, lightweight, and resilient. There are also nanoscale additives on fabrics that help with wrinkling, staining, and even stop bacterial growth. They are also tests for being conducted to include such additives to personal body armor to make them lighter, thinner, stronger, safer. There are advances in medical research and endless applications for health and cosmetic use. With nanotechnology the applications are limitless.
10 Awesome Facts About Nanotechnology

How might nanotechnology be used in the future to benefit society?

Nanomedicine is the future of medicine and technical advancements. Nanotechnology can be used to deliver drugs to the human body more efficient. Nanofibers can be used to repair a spine injury and other nerve and tissue issues. They could also modify the body at a molecular level. It can be the cure we have been searching for cancer and HIV. They are also the future of computers, our computer chips are getting smaller and faster as we learn more about nanotechnology. Doctors could send tiny robots to give back a more accurate diagnoses and gather information.
Michio Kaku (2015) "The Future of Nanotechnology"

Are there any potential negative effects of nanotechnology?

A big issue that can arise is terrorism and abuse of the technology. Can you imagine thousands of nanobots programed to invade the body and cause harm to it, or weaken the foundations of structures. Privacy can be an issue too. Smaller computers means there can be smaller surveillance devices. They can not only have beneficial effects on the environment but we yet do not know about the harmful effects. If a material is stronger than diamond then how would react if thrown away to decompose. Nanoparticles can create severe health problems to humans if they end up in the body.
National Nanotechnology Initiative

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Most interesting in my opinion.

I find the medical and cosmetic application of nanotechnology to be the most interesting use for nanotechnology. People are already looking for ways to utilize it for more efficient drug delivery and even nerve regeneration. Nanofibers taking the place of nerves. A nanobot that targets cancer cells can save countless lives. New drug therapies for less side effects and more effective. We can use nanobots to take the place of our damaged or lost cells. We can cure diabetes, cancer, HIV, spine injuries, and many more. The possibilities are limitless and nanotechnology is the future of the human race.
Nanotechnology Documentary - Revolutionizing medicine and healthcare


  • Medical applications are life saving and limitless.
  • Slow down aging.
  • Will create more business and companies to create and maintain and innovate.
  • More higher paying jobs due to demand for skilled workers.


  • Can be used as a weapon.
  • Nanoparticles and their danger to humans.
  • Being able to watch over and maintain regulations of new technology.
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Nanotechnology Is The Future