muscular system

malik ostos

summary of the muscular system

The muscle system is responsible for moment in the human body. Muscle is attatched to the joints and bones of the skeletal system. Messages are sent from the nervous system for the muscles to move. There are over 600 diffrent muscles adn 3 different types of muscular tissue, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle. Muscles use energy from ATP and covert into ADP in order to release energy.


The muscular system works mostly with the skeletal system but is also apart of most other systems in the body including the digestive system, circulatory system, respirtory system, and the nervous system. With out the muscular system your body wouldnt have the ability to cool down or generate heat. When the body becomes cold your muscles shiver and produce heat to prevent you from freezing. Cardiac muscles pump blood throughout the body to provide oxygen for other muscles to work. When you excercise your brain recieves a message which sends another message to the heart to pump more blood for your muscles to recieve essential needs so they continue to work.