First Day of School

Alexis Delgado

I was exited for my first day at a new school that I didn't even sleep all night. When I got dropped off at the office I started getting scare because I didn't knew no one from there. Then a teacher took me to my classroom and presented me the teachers and students. The reason I was afraid was because I didn't knew any English. Later I started felling better because I found out that there was kids who knew Spanish.

Once I went into the classroom I had to get in Rosetta stone but before that I was in the classroom with everyone else. When the teachers talked to me i couldn't understand anything except for "Hi". When I got in the computer I didn't knew how to use it because I never used one before. I was so exited to use the computer but after a while I got bored. When it was time to go to lunch I was so exited because I thought the food was going to be good.

When I got to lunch the food wasn't that good but I was hungry so I ate it. I was sitting with some random people, and I was embarrassed. Some kids tried to talk with Spanish words.They were asking kids who knew Spanish how to say some of the words. We went to recces and I didn't knew what to do but someone invited me to play basketball and now we are friends.

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