by Laurie Halse Anderson

SPEAK, winner of many awards since its publication in 1999, has been so popular that often times all the copies are checked out of the library. Laurie Halse Anderson tells the story of soon to be high school student Melinda Sordino, who calls the police to break up the big end-of-the-summer party and everyone is angry with her. Suddenly, she is an outcast in high school during what should be an exciting time of her life. Why did she call the police? No one knows and Melinda can’t “speak” about what happened. As the year progresses Melinda’s grades drop and she withdraws even more into herself. Her only refuge is art class where she expresses some of her feelings.

The book is divided into four sections called “marking periods.” Anderson describes the high school experience with the worst and best in teachers, the cliques, and all the other quirky things about high school life. Melinda’s pain is obvious, but will she find the help she needs to find joy and happiness again? - Mary Boyd (Retired librarian - IISD)

Available as an e-book.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson Book Trailer


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