Frair is to Blame

The death of Romeo And Juliet

In result of Romeo and Juliet is to blame is Friar laurence. If Friar would of had permision to marry Romeo and Juliet none of this would of happen. Even though Romeo and Juliet wanted to get marry the Friar should of stuck with his desision and said " You just asked me to marry you and Rosaline a couple of weeks ago all because Rosaline wouldn't say yes and now your with this new girl'. "Holy Saint Francis, what a change here! Is Rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear, So soon forsaken? young men love, then lies Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes... Hath wash'd thy sallow cheeks for Rosaline". The Friar is trying to say that you cried over this girl forever and that you don't love for them selfs you love of their beauty and their looks. When Romeo was banished Juliet went to go to the Friar to ask to do something so that she can be with her Romeo forever so Juliet won't have to marry Pairs. Friar told her to drink this pottion and Juliet will be asleep for 42 hours and the Capulets will think that Juliet is dead, then Friar will send a letter to Romeo to what is going on, but then balthazar tells Romeo that she is dead before the letter gets to him. So Romeo is in the tomb looking at Tybalt and Juliet then says " My dear cousin" to tybalt and goes to juliet. Romeo has the posin in his pocket and says a few things to Juliet and drinks it. When Friar comes and sees Romeo dead he hears Juliet waking up. Friar says "I know your just now awaking, but we have to go or they will find us". Then Juliet is walking out till she sees Romeo and Friar told her to come on and then he left her and he knew that she was going to kill her self to be with Romeo. So Friar is to blame for Romeo and Juliet.