The Southern Colonies

Dawn Smith


Virginia was established in 1607 by John Smith. Like other colonies, Virginia made their money from farming and selling their products . The crop that made,by far the most profit, was tobacco. When it comes to government in Virginia, the House of Burgess is the answer. Starting as a corporate government, the state decided a change needed to be made. In 1775 they switched to become a royal government. In 1770, the population of Virginia was around 447,016 people. Most of which migrated from the midland and southern countries of England. Virginia was also inhibited by the Catawba, Cherokee, and Croatoan tribes, along with a few others. In the beginning, the natives were not concerned with the Europeans...until one day. While searching for gold near the Chesapeake, the Europeans discovered there was no gold to be found and began taking Powhatan boys while on the search for more gold. After this the natives became concerned with their future interactions with the Europeans. The religion of early Virginia was Christian. They worshiped in the Anglican church and anyone who was non-christian was not tolerated.


Founded in 1634 by Lord Baltimore, Maryland became part of the southern colony. Maryland made their money by farming like other southern states. Their cash crop was tobacco, bringing in more money than anything else in the state. Along with a few other states, Maryland was classified as having a proprietary government. The population of the state around the year of 1780 was around 245,474 people. Like the Carolina's, Maryland is also filled with different groups of native americans. Such as the Powhatans, Nanticokes, and Susquehannocks. The main religion of Maryland was Christianity, but another religion was soon allowed in the state. Maryland became the first state to open the doors to the catholics, while most states didn't tolerate it.

North Carolina

North Carolina was founded in 1653 by Virginian Colonists who intended to use the state for trade and profit. North Carolina's economy was based off of trade, profit, and naval stores. Soon after the Revolutionary War, slavery became a part of the state and so did the production of cotton. While more slaves came to the state more cotton gens came into play and required workers (the slaves). The government was along the proprietary side which included eight lord proprietors for the state. The population of North Carolina in 1780 was around 270,133 people. Being one of the few states with both mountains and a coast line, different groups of native americans lived in every part of the state. Groups such as the Cherokee, Tuscaroran, and Chippewa. When it comes to religion North Carolina fell on the Anglican side. Most of the people in North Carolina around the colonial time frame were christians.
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South Carolina

South Carolina was founded in 1663. Their economy was based off of trade and profit from farming like many other southern states. The main cash crops were rice and indigo. Eliza Lucas is given credit for the discovery for indigo back in colonial times. Because of her discovery the textile industry was changed forever. Like North Carolina, South Carolina was also considered to be a proprietary government. The population of the state around that time was about 249,073 people, half of which was involved in slavery. Groups of native americans were present through out the whole state including tribes like the Catawba, Pee Dee, and Chicora tribes. Since North and South Carolina were tied together, they have the same religious views. They are both considered to be Anglican.
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Georgia was established in 1732 by James Oglethorpe. Georgia was founded for two reasons. To establish a barrier for spanish extension and to act as a prison for Europeans who wanted to start their lives over. Their economy was based off of the farming and trading of rice, which was a major cash crop. The government of Georgia was established by the king and was made into a royal colony. The population was around 82,548 people back when the state was first established. Many of the people who moved to Georgia from Europe came from the British Isles, Africa, the Caribbean, and parts of northern Europe. Native american groups in colonial times were the Creek, Yui, and Guale tribes, along with a few others. Georgia was based off of an Anglican religion. They never turned anyone away unless they were Catholic...they didn't think to much for the Catholics.
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