Using Screencast-O-Matic

And Publishing to YouTube

Download Screencast-O-Matic (SOM) to Your MacBook

Download SOM

To Create Your Video

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Open the presentation, document, or website you want to share. You'll also want to close any tabs or email you don't want in the recording. Resize the recording area as needed.


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Use the SOM toolbar when you are ready to begin. Adjust microphone settings, size, and camera settings as needed.

  • Click the red button to record.
  • Look for the microphone bar to make "waves" so you'll know it's recording your voice.
  • Use the pause button to make unrecorded transitions.
  • Click DONE when finished recording.

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Choose one of the following publishing options:

  • Publish to YouTube. Be sure to choose the appropriate privacy setting.
PUBLIC: Anyone can search and find your video

UNLISTED: People can search YouTube, but will NOT find your video (you can

send the video to others via a link)

PRIVATE: Only those you grant access to can see the video (you add email

access - use for confidential information/videos)

  • Publish to a Video File. Select the MP4 format when saving.

Your YouTube Account