United States and Canada


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  • The United States is Canada's largest foreign investor and Canada is the third-largest foreign investor in the United States. The U.S. and Canada have a significant amount of bilateral trade. There is more than two billion a day in trade of goods and services. In 1989, the Free Trade Agreement started started. millions of U.S. jobs depend on the trade with Canada. The special relationship between the two countries allows for a major economic boost for both of them. The trust and cooperation between the two countries for two centuries has solidified and extensive and unique relationship allowing for massive trade


  • U.S. and Canada have been allies for two centuries and Its not hard for people to cross the border like it is for some other countries. About 300,000 people cross between the countries every day. The interaction of the people between the two countries help them to relate well.


  • The U.S. and Canada have extensive defense arrangements they share mutual security and defense commitments. Their military forces cooperate and they have a common vision for perimeter security. The two countries have worked successfully together for two centuries and have a unique relationship. The two countries occupy most of North America and share the worlds longest undefended border. They also collaborate on counter terrorism, health security, maritime security, cyber-security, and infrastructure protection.

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