Muscular and Skeletal project

Made By: Mairi Chavez

Muscular System

The muscular system is acountable for movement in the body. There are approximatley 700 muscles that make up only half of the person's body weight. Each and every muscle is an organ are built of skeleton muscle tissue, blood vessels, nerves, and more. These muscles are supposed to move substances throughout the body. Muscles are also found in the heart, digestive system, and blood vessels.

Visceral Muscle

Viceral Muscle Tissue is also known as Smooth Muscle is tissue that is associated with the internal organs in the body. There are three differnet types. Skeletal, Smooth, Cardiac. The smooth, invulontary muscles of the Visceral tissue are composed of bundles of specialized cabable of relaxation to create movement.

Cardiac Muscle

Cardiac Muscle his is a type of muscle tissue. This is located only in the heart. It is distinguishable from the two other forms of muscle. The Cardiac Muscle is responsable for pumping blood throughout the body.

Skeletal Muscle

Represents majority of muscles. This muscle powers the movement in the skeleton.

As in walking and lifting.

Muscle Tissue

Ability to relax and contrast. To bring movement and mechanical work for various parts of the body. Otther movements in the body such as

1. heart beat

2. movements of the alimentary canal