Children's Department News

February 2016

Below you will find the information discussed at the Children's Department meeting last Sunday. Some of the dates are tentative and more information will be forthcoming on all events.

Valentine Party

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 6:45pm

Providence Baptist Church, Newnan, GA, United States

Newnan, GA

Church Wide Easter Egg Hunt/Spring Fling

Saturday, March 19th, 12pm

Providence Baptist Church, Newnan, GA, United States

Newnan, GA

There will be a short meeting after the 10:50 service in a few weeks to discuss this in more detail. This event will consist of more than just an egg hunt this year. We are using it as an outreach to the community.

Pool Party

Monday, June 20th, 6pm

Avery Partk

*This is a tentative date and time.

Pine Mountain Safari

Wednesday, July 13th, 10am

Pine Mountain, GA, United States

Pine Mountain, GA

*This is a tentative date and time.

Parties for Kidz

Monday, July 25th, 11am

220 Northlake Drive

Peachtree City, GA

Other Events You May Hear About:

Art Party at Church

Dollar Movies


*May's Event will be hosted by David and Lori Patrick. More information will be coming about that event as it gets closer.


We decided as a committee to wait on fundraising because of all the different fundraisers being held now. However, we did discuss one day in April being a fundraising day for the Children's Department. We did not decide on the type of fundraiser. I have also been approached by members of the church for our department to sell t-shirts for the church. This could be our fundraiser in April. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.