Allied Forces

Overview Holocaust


The holocaust was the bureaucratic sate-sponsored persecution and murder six million Jews. It happened in world war II, by 1945 the Germans and their collaborators killed two out of every three European Jews as part of the " Final solution". The holocaust ended on May 9,1945

Definition/Background Information

Ailled Forces

September1,1939 one of the allied forces that came against the Nazi solders was the U.S., Chain, Britain ,Italy, and Japan. Allied forces are the military forces of an alliance, and are also refer as World war 1 and World war II.

Original Research Question


1) Why did Hitler want everybody to look like him? He thought that everyone was mean to look the same. 2)why didn't anybody stop Hitler? Because they didn't want to get killed or something else .



America has joined forces with the allied powers, and loving pride wed rape the colors in tribute of respect citizen of your great republic. And here and now, in the presence of the illustrious dead, we pledge our heart and our honor in carrying this war to a success.