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E-Books are Here!

E-books have arrived to our school. We have a variety of e-books available, all with unlimited simultaneous access. That means multiple patrons can be accessing identical e-books at the same time. The e-books span fiction and non-fiction and were selected to support your curriculum as well as provide high-interest topics to students. Four of these e-books are in Spanish.
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Accessing E-Books

After opening our library homepage (, choose the Catalog tab. On the left-hand navigation choose "Follett Shelf". Type in Username = johnstone and Password = ebooks

As a reminder, there is a link to our library homepage under "Parent Info" on the Johnstone Edline site.


Dearly, nearly, insincerely what is an adverb?
By Cleary, Brian P Dewey: 428.2
Rhyming text and illustrations present numerous examples of adverbs and their functions.

Powerful earthquakes

By Roza, Greg Dewey: 551.22
Discusses earthquakes, covering what causes an earthquake, the types, historic eatherquakes, and more.

Blinding blizzards
By Portman, Michael Dewey: 551.55
Discusses snowstorms, covering what a blizzard is, what causes them, and how to stay safe in snowy weather.

Destructive hurricanes
By Portman, Michael Dewey: 551.55
Discusses hurricanes, covering how they are formed, how they are named, parts of a hurricane, historic hurricanes, and more.

Is it living or nonliving?
By Rissman, Rebecca Dewey: 570
Teaches children the differences between living and nonliving things in habitats around the world and explains how they can determine if something is living through a series of simple questions.

Are you living? a song about living and nonliving things
By Salas, Laura Purdie Dewey: 570
Explains the difference between things that are living and nonliving, and presents the lyrics to a song that can help children remember the science of living and nonliving things, sung to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?"

Bengal tigers
By Clark, Willow Dewey: 599.756
Photographs and text introduce young readers to the Bengal tiger, discussing its life cycle, hunting methods, favorite foods, and more.

Dog care feeding your pup a healthy diet and other dog care tips
By Gagne, Tammy Dewey: 636.7
A guide to dog care, discussing diet, exercise, grooming, and veterinary visits.

Magic tricks with cards
By Gleisner, Jenna Lee Dewey: 793.8
Text and illustrations look at magic tricks with cards.

The biggest battles of the Revolutionary War
By Forest, Christopher Dewey: 973.3
"Describes causes and outcomes of key battles of the Revolutionary War"

Life during the American Revolution
By Rajczak, Kristen Dewey: 973.3
Explores what life was like during the time of the American Revolution.


Buzz Beaker and the cave creatures
By Meister, Cari Dewey: -E-
Buzz and his dad explore a cave with the aid of cat-eye vests Buzz made to help them see in the dark.

Follow the drinking gourd an Underground Railroad story
By Meister, Cari Dewey: -E-
Peg Leg Joe travels from plantation to plantation singing the Drinking Gourd song that will guide slaves to freedom in the North.

The teacher who forgot too much
By Brezenoff, Steven Dewey: -Fic-
Catalina Duran, who is known as Cat, goes to the recycling center with her class, and when they find out that the plant has been sabotaged, Cat and her friends try to save the day.

Lost in space the flight of Apollo 13
By Bush, Gary R Dewey: -Fic-
Recounts the launching of Apollo 13 on April 11, 1970 from the perspective of fourteen-year-old Ramon Garza, whose poor grades at school causes his mother, a food service worker at NASA, to bring Ramon to work with her where he gets to witness the explosion alongside the ground crew.

Secret weapons a tale of the Revolutionary War
By Gunderson, Jessica Dewey: -Fic-
Fourteen-year-old Daniel is disappointed when his father makes him stay behind to work in his blacksmith shop instead of enlisting in the militia, but when Daniel discovers a horde of weapons in the backroom of the shop, Daniel's role becomes crucial to the fate of the American Revolution.

Point guard prank
By Maddox, Jake Dewey: -Fic-
Somebody is playing nasty tricks on Ryan DeMoss, point guard for the Hillcrest Hammers, and it is starting to interfere with his game right before the big tournament.

BMX bully

By Maddox, Jake Dewey: -Fic-
Eleven-year-old Matt wants to make the Evergreen Racing Team but his chances are seriously threatened when a new boy moves to town and resorts to cheating in order to win.

The case of the diamonds in the desk
By Montgomery, Lewis B Dewey: -Fic-
Detectives-in-training Milo and Jazz must work backward to solve the case of the diamonds that mysteriously appeared in Milo's desk at school.


Giran en el espacio un libro sobre los planetas
By Rau, Dana Meachen Dewey: 523.4
Presents facts about each of the nine planets, describing their surfaces, orbits, and moons, and includes a planet memory game.

Los planetas alrededor del sol
By Simon, Seymour Dewey: 523.4
Photographs, illustrations, and simple text provide an introduction to the nine planets of the solar system.

Sabes algo sobre reptiles?
By Silverman, Buffy Dewey: 597.9
Simple text and photographs introduce reptiles, discussing their characteristics, behaviors, and development.

El tramposo de BMX
By Maddox, Jake Dewey: -Fic-
Eleven-year-old Matt wants to make the Evergreen Racing Team but his chances are seriously threatened when a new boy moves to town and resorts to cheating in order to win.