Coronado Bridge

Nothing can beat a beautiful ocean view from a bridge

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Construction begins

The construction of the Coronado bridge began in Febuary 1967, in the city of San Diego. The bridge required 20,000 tons! Wow! Construction of the bridge cost $48 million to build and I think that much money was worth it! It's architect, Robert Mosher designed the bridge where it was curved, so that the Navy's aircraft carrier can sail under it. The Coronado Bridge was finished on August 3, 1969 during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of San Diego.
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An attack?

Well, the great bridge it already is , listen to this. The center of the bridge was engineered to float. The reason for that was if an unknown ship had come into the bay that the US Navy did not recognize, and they think they are going to attack the military base. The bridge can collapse and close the bay so no ships can get into the bay. Isn't that amazing?! An attack, I don't think so.
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The Reason it was Built

The Coronado Bridge was built to connect San Diego to Coronado island. Before the bridge was built there was no way no to drive from San Diego to Coronado. People used to have to take a ferry to and from the island. In 1926, John D. Spreckels recommended that a bridge should be between San Diego and Coronado. Since the bridge cost a lot of money to build, so for many years people had to pay a toll when they entered and exited. Eventually the bridge got paid off, so you no longer have to pay a toll.

Fun Facts

The Coronado bridge is 11,179 feet long and has an average of about 68,000 vehicles drive on it a day! That's a lot of cars! The bridge's material is prestressed concrete and steel. This five lane bridge featured the longest continuous box grider in the world! Did you know that Ronald Reagen was the very first person to drive on the Coronado bridge?! Now that's cool! This bridge is awesome and I've driven on it probably more than 35 times and been under it with a boat. I love seeing the beautiful ocean when I'm on the bridge because it's so pretty. I am glad this bridge was built.
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Map of Coronado


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