What To Visit Along The Nile !

By: Keaira Ford ♥

Cairo, Egypt ♥

The Nile is flowing through many places. One of the places the Nile flows through is the Cairo. More than 10 million people live in this city. They have lots of cool things to look at when your passing through like for an example they have lots of grass, trees, buildings, and a big RIVER.

Lake Tana

The Aswan High Dam

This dam is to control floods, and provide different irrigation, and this dam gets bigger and bigger. The water from the dam was formed over a thousand people, moved from there because some homes were flooded and ruined. This is the world's most LARGEST dam in the world. Aswan High Damn is 11,811 ft long, and 364 ft tall. In 1960 this damn was constructed.

Lake Victoria :D

"Lake Victoria" is one of two rivers in the Nile the White Nile. Lake Victoria is locating is in Uganda and in the East Africa.

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