Roving Reference Librarian

Librarians on the move

Roving Reference

With the increase in technology, many patrons are hesitant to approach library staff for research needs, yet still need one on one assistance. Librarians are on the move to assistant patrons. Introducing Roving Reference Librarians! Roving Reference is a library service that allows librarians to move away from the reference desk to talk with patrons, offer assistance with questions and concerns. This idea enables barriers to be removed between staff and customers. This service offers an easier way at assistance with those who are uncomfortable asking for help.

The Perks of Being a Roving Reference Librarian

Mobility and student convenience.
Faculty endorsements.
Form close relationships with students and faculty.
Create an atmosphere of active learning.

Strategies for Success

In order to make Roving Reference a success, here are some suggestions:

  • Pick a high traffic location on campus such as the student center
  • Carry dependable electronic equipment.
  • Advertise; place attractive notices on instructional web pages and send e-mails to faculty and students.
  • Keep statistics to track activity.
  • Poll users to continually evaluate location and time preferences.
  • Pay attention. If they look lost or confused they probably are.


Roving Reference Spring 2015