Weekly Update

A Peek at our Week In the Tabereaux CREW

6th Grade Olympics and Other News


By the end of this week, we will announce the winner of our Olympics. There is one more social studies challenge and one more physical-type challenge, and they only need to earn one more of their Olympic rings. It has been a lot of fun focusing on collaboration and competition throughout this unit!

Final Projects

For their end-of-unit project in social studies, the students have been asked to build either a Greek war ship or an important Greek building or to create a mosaic piece resembling Greek art. These will be due on Monday, October 26. Instructions and rubrics can be found on Unified Classroom under the Social Studies Class Pages.

In reading, students will be writing a story where they are the main character and hero. They will write from the perspective of the son or daughter of a Greek god. They may choose to be the son or daughter of a hero from a different genre instead. To practice, they wrote a short story where they were a hero-: real-life or super hero. These fictional stories were a lot of fun, and got the creativity flowing.

They are currently writing a non-fiction essay about a person who is their hero. Some students are writing about famous heroes and are researching, while others are writing about people they know. These kids will have to conduct an interview to gather their research. The hero essays will be due this coming Thursday, the 22nd. Most of this essay will be written and edited at school, but students will be asking you to help edit before turning it in.

For science, to go with the hero narrative, the students will use a programming site called Scratch to actually program a short video of their story. There is no personal information shared on Scratch, and it is great resource to teach students first-hand about coding. They have just begun to play around with the program in order to create the hero of their last narrative. We will share these video representations of their stories in class around Thanksgiving. It is going to be so fun!!!

Math News

We just wrapped up chapter 2 and begun chapter 3.The students did a great job on the chapter 2 test! In this chapter, the students are learning how to multiply and divide fractions using algorithms and visual models. A lot of prior knowledge is being drawn upon, such as simplifying fractions, changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, and improper fractions to mixed numbers.


In reading this week, we continued to read The Lightning Thief. We are really working on vocabulary and comprehension. We are identifying elements of mythology within this modern-day tale of a teenage boy. It has been really fun! The students are also reading independently with one partner. Each day, they read a book that they chose which is either a hero story or Greek mythology. We try to take the independent reading outside where the groups can spread out and read out loud to each other.


This week we began our first STEMScope bundle. All STEM Scope activities can be found on the website. Students can get there from the D1 "Single Sign-On". I have also given each student a packet of the the assignment on papers. These will great lessons!


Don't forget I post homework daily in my Homeroom on Unified Classroom. Typically there is a reading and a math assignment. They are doing a much better job with homework and daily work! I am very proud of these kids! They have already learned a lot and become much more responsible!


Don't forget to continue helping your child remember daily homework assignments. They are posted to my homeroom page on Unified Classroom every day. I also ask the students to write them down each day. For the most part, they are doing a great job and working hard. I am so proud of the growth I have seen so far!!