Put Your Best FOOT Forward!

Earn a "Treat for your Toes"

Flip Flop Fabulousness!

March madness continues with a SPECIAL Incentive just for YOU!

From TODAY, March 5th to Tuesday, March 19th......time to BOOK!

Spring is a time to put a little extra work into your business so that you can see the benefits throughout summer and fall! March is your month to soar with all of the FREE BLING that the company is throwing out at us! Have you seen the NEW BAG, the "Switch" that will debut as part of our amazing Summer Capsule Collection? OMG! I know I want that one for FREE! How can I do that? Well...let's add some more trunk shows to our calendar, but let's not just focus on MARCH..let's also add one to APRIL and MAY too!

Welcome to our newest Challenge..."Put your BEST FOOT Forward this Spring" :)

Here's what you need to do!

Book ONE NEW show for March, April and May and you will be entered to win a PEDICURE or a $50 gift card to DSW!!! You're choice!

Book more than those three shows??? You'll earn TWO extra tickets for each additional show you book!!!

Oh...and since our tootsies just love some pampering, we will have a "Runner Up" prize too! A fun trio of nail polishes !!

Are you ready??

Join our team the next two weeks and let's BLITZ! Reach out to past customers, warm them up and FOLLOW UP! Post your results on our Facebook Group page and let's CHEER one another on!

***You must book a NEW show in the system for March, April, and May to be entered.

Your TOES will Thank you! :)