Hillsboro IB Summer Assignments

Summer 2022 Assignments for all Hillsboro Students

The International Baccalaureate Vision

Being a student of Hillsboro High IB World School is a great privilege! At Hillsboro, all students are recognized as IB students who are working towards achieving success in their high school commitment.

The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Hillsboro's summer assignments reflect the commitment towards the IB vision.

Reading & Summer Assignments

Reading Assignments are all suggested summer assignments for standard elected courses. Students will have time to complete the assignments in the month of August. The assignments are listed for those to have access to and complete ahead of time. With registration in advanced coursework, it is the expectation of those students to continue with their elected course work and prepare for the coming school year by continually practicing the skills they have worked on all year.

  • AP Course Work
  • CTE
  • IBDP Courses

With that, the below assignments will be listed by grade level below.

Nashville Public Library Summer Reading

Log your reading from class to earn FABULOUS prizes!!!

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In the spring, incoming Freshman from feeder middle schools (West End & JT Moore), were able to register from site visits by Hillsboro counselors. If you were not a part of this pre-registry, choose the assignment that fits what level of English class you took in 8th grade.


In the spring, your registration with counselors at Hillsboro routed you in the direction of classes that you were planning on taking. If you are new to Hillsboro, choose the level that matches what coursework you took your Freshman year. If you are planning to pursue the IB DP diploma or CP diploma your Junior & Senior year, choose the assignment that matches Pre-IB.


Interested in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) or are you in the STEM Pathway. Information is available here. Contact Erica.Anderson@mnps.org or Kenyae.Reese@mnps.org for more information.

Computer Science Frontiers

Engineering Exploration Camp

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All Summer Reading & Assignments are listed by grade & course. The course will be linked to assignment with teacher's email beside it.

Freshman Summer Assignments

CLASS of 2026

All 9th grade Summer Reading: To Kill a Mockingbird taimeka.berry@mnps.org

Spanish III Honors Kendall.Headley@mnps.org

Sophomore Assignments

CLASS of 2025

MYP Personal Projects Review (All 10th Grade Hillsboro Students.. Pre-IB & Regular Diploma).

1.Read Hillsboro Edited Personal Project Guide for 2022.

2.Read Approaches to Learning Guide

3. Read a book or listen to a Podcast connected to something that you could connect to your Personal Project in the Fall.

4.Submit Check for Understanding for Summer Credit. If you do not have an @mnpsk12.org email account because you are a new student to MNPS/Hillsboro, please email me so I can give you your account details or give you another link. joyce.claassen@mnps.org

AP Spanish Sarah.Rucker@mnps.org

Spanish III Honors Kendall.Headley@mnps.org

AP Human Geography charles.bahan@mnps.org

STEM I Erica.Anderson@mnps.org

Summer Podcast List

Don't forget to explore the endless list of podcast for car rides, long walks in the woods, or while you are working that summer job!

35 Best Podcasts for Kids in Elementary, Middle, & High School (weareteachers.com)


Free for all Tennessee Residents through TEL:Tennessee Electronic Library