Think Before You Stink

Ripping One, Can Change your Life Outcome

For Better or Worse, Doesn't Always Come First

You never know who is your soulmate until that one moment when it hits you. Don't scare off your one true love and thus goes your future. That's exactly what happened to my buddy, Jeremy. Jeremy was a Junior at Colorado State University. There was a girl, named Addie, in his Chemistry class who had a huge crush on him. She was an amazing girl who Jeremy was good friends with. Jeremy secretly hoped she would profess her never-ending love for him. She was about to do so one fateful Saturday afternoon, when he unexpectedly farted during their Chemistry class. The fart was revolting and pervasive. With that fart, went Addie's feelings for Jeremy. Would the fart have never occurred, Jeremy and Addie would be happily married, with 3 kids. Instead Addie works at a diner in Lansbury, Nebraska and Jeremy is a telemarketer who lives in his brother's basement. Both are sad, depressed, lonely people to this day.

What are some examples of the chaos theory in real-life that you have seen/experienced? Do these examples fit with the story’s message?

There are many examples of chaos theory in real life. Here is one example from my life.

About 2 years ago, my parents said we were moving to Coppell. We found a house we liked in the Coppell East zone, and made an offer on it. Earlier that day, someone had made an offer before us, so we didn't get the house. We found a lot we liked and made an offer. We got the lot, but this one was in West. The next year, I switched from my old school, Killian, to go to West. I decided to take all GT classes my 7th grade year. I enjoyed the classes, so I took all GT again. I got lucky enough to get 5th period with Mrs. Johnson. For this project, I partnered up with Nico. If any of this events had a different outcome, I would not be here working on this project with Nico. Maybe in an alternate universe, I am going to East in a regular math class right now.