The Story Of U.S

The Migration of the Asians

Type of Migration

The Chinese migration was an international migration from Asia to America. It was an international migration because the Asian immigrants moved from one country to another.

Intervening obstacles

There were many intervening obstacles such as the ocean and monetary issues for a boat; but the main issue which stopped many Asian migrant from immigrating to America was Angel Island. Angel Island is located in San Francisco Bay. Angel Island holds an office that emits immigrants into the country. It was a major intervening obstacle because it only allowed certain people with certain documents into America. Many got sent home because the did not meet the certain requirements or did not have any documents.
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Push factors

  • They were sailors
  • They were poor
  • They disliked their jobs
  • They wanted more money
  • Could not support their families well

Pull factors

  • Gold rush
  • Better jobs
  • More Opportunities
  • Better life styles
  • More Freedom
  • More Money
  • With the money they could support their families

Americans Attitude

They hated the Asian immigrants and were being racist to them. They treated them poorly and gave them no respect. The workers did good work but the did not get higher wages.
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From 1910-1920 there was the Quota wave which was the law that America made to make sure that too many people do not keep coming to the U.S. Many immigrants heard about this and rushed into America. Also the Gold rush caused another wave causing many people to come to California and mine for gold.


The Asian migrants faced a lot of terrible consequences starting off with leaving their home country and family behind in Asia and moving to America with only a few things looking for a job which they don't know if they will get. Also many who make that long journey are rejected and sent back without a job. If they do get into America they have to face the racism and hatred of the American people who disliked immigrants. They lived in poor environment ( As you can see below) and were treated poorly with lower wages than Americans.
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