2nd Grade Music Notes

January 2016

Our January Learning Goals

  • I will be able to move and sing while following the rules of music class.
  • I will be able to listen and identify so, mi and la
  • I will be able to listen and identify wood or metal instruments.
  • I will be able to perform forte (loud) or piano (quiet)

January Songs We've Learned

  • 2, 4, 6, 8 (Meet Me At the Garden Gate)

  • Poor Little Kitty Cat

  • All Around the Brickyard

  • Jeremiah Blow the Fire

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Dates to Remember

  • February 26, 6:30pm- 4th Grade Drama Club Performance "The Lion King, Kids"
  • March 17, 6:30pm- 5th Grade Concert (Grandparents day at 2pm)
  • March 22-24 Instrument Zoo during Music Class
  • April 12, 6:30pm- 3rd Grade Concert (Grandparents day at 2pm)
  • May 16-20 Talent Week in Music Class

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