ALICE is calling!

I want to RESTART my business! I want MORE business!

Good morning first line team!!!

Ok, I have a challenge for everyone! Who is up for the task?
Many of us constantly think to ourselves...I really want to RESTART my business, but I don't know how! Do you know how?!?!
THE ALICE LIST! (The warm call list!)
Fill this baby out and then get on the phone and call these peeps!
But what do I say? Let's schedule a one on one chat to talk about script and verbiage for booking jewelry bars and sponsoring new designers off your ALICE LIST!
PM me with 3 dates/times that work for you and let's set up a coaching call! (15-30 mins of your time = moving your business forward!)
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Hello NEW designers on my first line!

Many of you will be rolling up to my first line on May 10th! The reason for this is your mentor is no longer an active designer and in the process, their team is rolled up to the next active designer, ME!


I have a first line group on FB and would LOVE for you to be a part of it! I offer training, divvy out events, give motivation and am available for questions!!

I have changed the group setting to CLOSED for the next week or so. Simply click on this link and request to join and I will approve you!

Also, if you are not a part of our team group page Owl Be Dangled, you are missing out! This is the main source of our training, motivation, ideas, questions and answers and recognition! Even if you are not on FB, I would highly suggest just getting a private account, don't add any friends and simply join our team group page, along with my 1st line group and one more: the Southwest regional page with out Nest regional trainer!

Here is the link to join Owl Be Dangled:

And Southwest Regional: