Howard Schultz

father of the coffee house

What Lead To Success

Howard Schultz grew up in a very poor shady part of Brookland in a family of five. Howard grew up learning of all his father's mastakes like dropping out of highschool. His father had to quit his job because of his hurt leg. forseeing his families trouble he disided to try out for his high school foot ball team. he soon became the leader of his football team at school and his basketball team at home. He got a scholarship to northern Michigan University. at his first season of playing he had an injury that prevented hiim from playing and was kicked from the team. The school soon took his scholarship back. For Howard to stay at the school He needed money which he had very little of. to pay for colage he had to sell his blood. Going through school Howard got a job as a sales representative.

It's All In The Coffee

As a sales rep. Howard wanted more, than he had a dream of owning a store. Eventualy he had made enough money to fund his project. He called it Starbucks. When it was done peolpe were pouring in, and soon enough he had another one and another one. Before long there was a starbucks lining every street cornner. But Howard wanted more people to enjoy what he had made. so he dicided to make a starbucks in japan. When he proposed this idea a few weeks later a man came in telling why building a Starbucks in Japan was not a good idea. He sad people in japan don't drink in the streets, that Starbucks no smoking policy would not work out in Japan because of all the smokers. Eating or drinking out side was not done in Japan. but Howard didn't listen, he went with his gut feeling instead. When they opened the first Starbucks in Japan people camped out by the door all night to be the first ones to get a coffe from Starbucks. Starbucks is now international and disides to open one in china even though people said that he couldn't Howard continued with his plans and soon china was becoming the land of tea and coffee.