Monday Memo April 11

This week's Wyatt h APP enings~


This meeting will begin as close to 3:00 as possible and may last until 4:00. The first 10 minutes will be for all staff which includes our paras or assistants - so there will not be care for Teachers Kids after school. Please make arrangements for someone else to pick them up because I do not want them left alone for a long period of time like this.

Cool video!

This short video of parent and teacher testimonials might give you some new ideas for getting your class excited about the run! Are you checking the leader boards every day? At the moment Mrs. Vermeer and Mrs. Grounds are in tight race for 1st place, but I think others are trying to gain on them!
TGMC Testimonials Video

Spring Fling/Roo Run UPDATE

Last I heard, 200 kids were signed up for the Run! But, there's room for more and this will be a big week to build up the excitement! I think there will be a lot of last minute sign-ups since people often wait to see what the weather might be like and if any other things come up. Since you can't see who is signed up, one of the moms will send you the names today!

Maybe these students can get the others movin!!!!

PS: Given the current forecast for rain next weekend we will be working on an alternative plan for the run.

Library Schedule - This is B Week!

That means you will need to stay with your class and may need to help them check out their books in the 'Quiet Zone'. Mrs. Armstrong may be with another class in the library, or helping out in a classroom during your 'B' Week time.

Adjusted Lunch Periods

Just a few more weeks and we'll be back to the normal schedule! Thanks for being so awesome about everything!

Spring brings....

  • More accidents on the playground and elsewhere - please make whatever adjustments you need to make to get the kids attention about playing safe - shoes make a difference when climbing on some of the equipment, hopefully most kids aren't wearing flip-flops while trying to climb; whatever rules you have for playtime, insist your kids are following them.

  • Some of our favorite subs get spring fever too and they have other things to do besides come here to help us!! This is a good time to look at your sub-folder and make sure that any substitute would be able to come in and teach your class. Update your student information so they know enough to understand the needs of the kids in your class, and make sure your schedule is current.. also, it's harder to get a sub in general in the spring, so please talk as a team whole team about Plan B (that is, when we can't fill the job!)

  • Student behavior often declines for many reasons - it may be time to brainstorm some alternative solutions for renewed motivation;

Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Volunteer Appreciation Week is the last week in April. We will be having a breakfast on Friday, April 29 that will give our volunteers flexibility to stop by sometime

between 7:30 - 9:00. You will also be able to stop in and say hi...etc. Please let me know if your students will be able to make cards, banners, or placemats. Thanks!

Finally, here's something fun to put a smile on your faces on this dreary Monday!

A must watch! Have a great Monday!

Donna, we insist that you keep having FUN!!!!



16 - ROO RUN/Spring Fling


26 - 28 Cindy and Chris at T-TESS training

26 - Faculty Council


29 - Volunteer Appreciation


4 - Principal Meeting

7 - Bond Election

9 - STAAR Math 3rd, 4th, 5th retake

10 - STAAR Reading 3rd, 4th, 5th retake

11 - STAAR Science 5th

12 - Teacher of the Year Gala

13 - PTA Board Meeting; Student Council Speeches Due; Reflections Celebration Sockwell

18 - Donna's Retirement Party

19 - Student Council Election; Choir Concert

23 - Sandy Lake

24 - TL Retreat

25 - Senior Reunion

26 - Field Day

27 - Campus PDH Day