Giver Assesment

How is the giver society similar to ours?

What is the Giver society like?

In the Giver society there is sameness. There is sameness because no one can see color so every one is the same color. In the Giver town another reason that people are the same is because the citizens families are chosen and if their are twins the other is released so there is no sameness when they grow up. I also think that they avoid sameness by letting the committee choose the citizens jobs. This prevents people from having the same thing as everyone else. All of these things prevent sameness. I think that whoever created the Giver town wanted to prevent sameness so everyone could be different in their own way. I think that this is a great idea but is very different from our way of life.

What is our society like

In our society there is sameness everywhere color, same hair type, same color skin, same language, same beliefs, and same clothes. In our society we encourage sameness. For example if their are twins then we encourage them to look the same and don't get rid of the sameness. This is one thing that makes our society special. In our society I think that we wanted to all be different but not totally get rid of sameness. I think that our goal was to have sameness and make us unique. But then create our self different and we believe that its OK to think another way the someone.

How is the giver’s society similar to our’s?

In the Giver society there are many rules and restrictions one is to all be the same for example Two children – one male, one female – to each family unit. It was written very clearly in the rules. But in our society there is no limit to how much family you can have. Or for example you cant see color in Jonas's community. But we can we can see all of these beautiful things its a bummer that they can't see them too. I think that if we were in Jonas's community we would have a better understanding about how every thing is the same. I also think Both communities are very different and unique.
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