Travel guide for planet Earth

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Hello! Welcome to your self guided tour of Earth!

We have given you three optional places to explore (and by optional we mean stay to the right place or you will be incinerated). First off, lets talk about the ways humans regionalize the Earth, the first way is by direction, the directions are North, South, East, and West, if you forget these you will get very lost. Another way is by climate zones, near the poles it is freezing cold, near the equator is very hot. The last one is continents, there are 7 continents, they are North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Antarctica.

First stop, the Grand Canyon.

Want to see one of the wonders of the world? Go to the Grand Canyon! It has beautiful sunsets, scenery, and more!


Exploration for fun and for recreation.

Cool rocks for scientific purposes.

Great pictures for people who want to see it but can't.


Very dry the temperature can be over 100 degrees.

No food, there is not much soil that can give a home to plants.

Travels tips:

It is colder in the winter, so go there when the weather is cold.

Packing list:

Large hiking bag

Mountain bikes

LOTS of water

Second stop, Mount Everest.

This is the largest mountain in the WORLD! Ever dream of climbing the summit yourself? Well now you can!


Climbs, for fun, or for yeti hunting.

Good pictures, for people who can't go there themselves.


Hard climbs, most climbs are completely uphill and icy. Imagine falling down. Ouch.

Cold temperatures, Mount Everest can get as cold as -33 degree Fahrenheit.

Avalanches, these are a serious matter. They can kill.

Travel tips:

Travel in warm weather, it will not be as bitter cold.

DO NOT YELL!!!!!!! This causes avalanches.

Packing list:

Heavy coat

Heavy tent

Lots of food and water

Last stop, Kilimanjaro

Want to go to Africa. Want to climb a mountain? Well now you can! Mount Kilimanjaro is like a tamer version of Mount Everest.


Exploration for recreation or for fun.

Cool rock types for scientific reasons. Or because they just look cool. :)

Great photos for people who are interested or people who want to learn about the mountain.


Hard climbs, the same thing with Mount Everest, some ares can be very steep.

Avalanches, just like we mentioned about Mount Everest. They can kill.

Packing list:

Lots of food and water

A big hiking bag or bags

A heavy duty tent

Travel tips:

you can go anytime, it is warmer than Mount Everest.

DO NOT FEED THE YETIS. They get angry when their hungry.

Suggestion for places to visit

Death Valley, it is similar to the Grand Canyon, just without the canyon.

Any mountain, for training for Mount Everest

Any savanna, they are all over in Africa and are free.