Project 5

Press Fit

Software and Hardware

The software's used for this project were 123D make, Auto Desk Inventor 2016 and Adobe Illustrator which where to design the product and make final adjustments. The software used was UCP and that was used for the final step of cutting out the object onto the cardboard. The machine used for this project was the Universal Laser Engraver to cut out the cardboard.


One obstacle I faced was getting the doors to align proportional to one another. I over came this challenge by taking measurements of where the doors are at. For example I would bring the line up to where the previous line was made. Than I took a mental note of where it was at to have it translate over to the other side nicely. If I were to this assignment again, what I would diffidently is use the loft tool to create a more distinct front part of the car.


This product would be desirable for users because it can show them the very basics of what an armored vehicle may have looked in the past. It is also small enough to hold and it is tangible which makes it better for consumers. A possible customer of this product would be geared toward someone who is younger because of its size and simplicity.
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Fun Facts

I was proud that I was able to get the doors to actual cut out with the laser engraver. What was interesting was that the windows on the car weren't able to appear on 123D make for some reason. What I learned from this project is that time management is very important to keep in mind.