All About Pre-Sports

By: Ashley Nguyen 3rd Period


When you are in Pre-Sports you do sports like volleyball, basketball, and other sports.

Pre-Sports helps your health it may make you more flexible.

Instead of staying home and sit down in front of the T.V watching movies and eating chips, you can go outside and run or play with your friends outside.

If you go to 7th grade and if you got into athletics you can play volleyball for our school.

Expectations In A Pre-Sports Class And Others Things That We Do:

1. You need to tie your hair up.

2.Whenever you go and change you need change quickly after the bell we have 5 mintues to change if you come before the bell you have time to change you can take your time after the 5 mintues you have to be outside of the locker room and in the gym sitting in your spot that Coach Hudnall assigned you to sit.

3. No stealing peoples clothes

4. Do your best in class.

5. If you have a concern, talk to your coach privately.

6. On Fridays we take our clothes home and then wash them then on Monday you bring them with you to school.

Some different things that we do to:

Dress-Out-When we dress-out we get dressed with your hair tie up, with you gym shirt, gym shorts, and your shoes can not be the one you wear to go to school you have to wear the pair just for that pre-sports class.

Grading-Coach Hudnall grades us on how we do in class and if we try hard or not

Health Day- On health days we learn about the vocabulary words on the sport that we are doing right now, we usally do it on either Thursday or Friday.

Lockers-You can NOT share lockers with anybody, the locker is just for you. And ALWAYS remember to lock you locker when you leave out to your next period/class.If you do not have a locker ask Coach Hudnall for a locker. Also do not share your combinations with anybody only your coach will know, do not even share it with your best friend.

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