Mass hysteria project

Taija Johnson

HIV /AIDS ; Who was involved?

Homosexual men

Straight men and women

in the 80's that were having unprotected sex with a random person.

In the crucible ; who was involved?

Young girls were accused of witch craft

When and where did it take place?

The United States in the 80's

In the crucible ; where did it take place ?

Salem , Massachusetts year 1692

What event spurred the hysteria ?

That people were having unprotected sex and that people didn't care back then because it was the 80's . In those days you didn't re know who was on the down low .

In the crucible; the event that spurred was ?

The people of Salem were saying there is witch craft in their town , and that they should be killed .

How were people's lives impacted ?

Peoples lives were impacted because people were scared to be with each other and even scared to touch each other . They didn't know whether they were clean or not .

I'm the crucible; lives were impacted?

People who accused ended up getting hung and kilt for no reason.

Did it alter the course of history? how ?

This event alter history because it killed people and it's hard to trust anyone when it comes down to haveu all relationships . Also people are starting to test kids to keep them safe .

In the crucible; did this alter history and how ?

It alter history because people's ancestors and also many people died for no reason because of a rumor that got started by someone in the town .


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