Can YOU Survive like them?

What is Perseverance?

What is Perseverance? To me, Perseverance is when you have to push your limits to do what is right for you and others.To us in the modern world, persevering, is surviving without a phone, for a day. But in the past, where we didn’t have the advantages that we have now, people have persevered in a different way. People like Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King Jr., had to adapt through racism. People like Eleanor Roosevelt and other women had to fight for Women’s rights. The perseverance that we go through today are nothing like what people had to go through in the past.

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Cause and Effect

Before civil rights, Africans had to relinquish their rights. Jackie Robinson is known for being one of the first people to fight for civil rights. He helped civil rights on the diamond and off. He did what is right and everything he did helped the Africans even more. Thanks to him, none of the other civil rights helpers wouldn't have succeeded as well as they would have done with Jackie Robinson's help. One thing that Jackie Robinson did was not get distracted by the racist taunts by the White players. This allowed him to play well and show that Africans are just as good at baseball and everything else, as the Whites are. One other thing that Jackie Robinson did was play extremely good in baseball. When he did this, he showed that he is equally as good as all the whites are at baseball, and everything else. So thanks to Jackie Robinson, African's now are treated equally and are not being abused by Whites.

Problem and Solution

The video, Losing to Win, is about different girls with different adversities to go through. They all go to a school that helps them get over their adversities. In the video, the problem shown is that the kids are going through some very tragic adversities. This is a problem, because due to these problems at home, these girls have made some bad decisions. These decisions are, taking drugs, or running away from home. One solution to this problem, is having the girls play basketball. In the story, the coach decides to put all the girls on a basketball team. This helps them, because the girls really want to play basketball. So to stay on the team, they have to not let out their anger. In the video Losing to Win, is about different girls with different adversities to go through. Thanks to the school, the girls go on a basketball team. To stay on the basketball team, they have to work together and not to let out their anger. Thanks to these terms and conditions, the girls kept their cool, and worked together.


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Winston Churchill was the prime minister of England, and an important historical figure in America and every country fighting against Nazi Germany. He was born in November 30th 1874. His childhood was very isolated. His parents weren’t always around, and his only real family was his nanny. Throughout his life he has shown Perseverance, confidence, resilience, and was always full of energy. For example, in Sir Winston Churchill: A Biography of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, I states in the first paragraph that Churchill was well liked and known as a bit of a trouble maker, which shows his energy and confidence. He also Graduated from military school almost at the top of his class during December, 1894, from Harrow school. However, he is best known for Uniting The United States and the Soviet Union, and help bring down Nazi Germany. During this time, World War II was ending. Winston Churchill once said, “Never give in. Never, never, never, never-- In nothing great or small, large or petty--Never give in, except to the convictions of honor and good sense.” From this quote, we know that Churchill wanted all of the United Kingdom, Britain, America, and the Soviet Union, and most importantly, the common folk, that are waiting for their loved ones to return from the war, to not lose hope. To not give in to the enemy, and to Persevere through the greatest adversity of the world. Winston Churchill helped them all have hope, and brought them all together, and led them through, the Road To Perseverance.

And so...

We can learn many things from how people persevered in the past. One thing that we should learn is that people in the past have persevered way more than we think we are persevering. We need to understand that we have privileges that people in the past did not have, like full rights, and the ability to own anything. They had to fight against Racism, and not having any rights. We are lucky that we don't have to go through these any more. Once we can accept this, we will be able to overcome any of our adversities, and road blocks.