The Killer Disease: AIDS

Grace Henry

Alluring AIDS

  • About 22.9 million people in Africa are living with AIDS.
  • The prevalence, or commonness, is a lot bigger in Southern Africa than in Northern Africa.
  • Southern Africa gets hit the most with AIDS ranging from 17% to 26% in adult lives.
  • There is a big lower in life expectancy with the AIDS count. Some life expediencies are lower than 49 years.
  • Most cases of AIDS are in people ages 15-49, or the prime ages.

AIDS Orphans

  • In the last decade, The percentage of children orphaned from AIDS cases rose from 3.5% to 32%.
  • Almost 11 million kids in Sub Saharan Africa are living with AIDS.
  • 8 out of 10 parents with HIV/AIDS live in Sub Saharan Africa.
  • AIDS in SSA is making people earn 31% less than they're used to get.