Crane Fly (Tipula Spp)

Dani Stolze


Crane Flies can live in a variety of places

  • Ponds
  • Marshes
  • Rivers

Crane Flies tend to live under leaves and sand at the bottom of their pond, marsh, or river. Also Crane Flies are relatively pollution tolerant.


  • A Crane Fly larvae is light brown or green worm-like structure and no visible head
  • An adult Crane Fly has very fragile, long legs
  • Crane Flies also have wings, although they don't fly very well
  • They are capable of growing up to 2.5 inches
  • Crane Flies are similar to mosquitos appearance wise, however, Crane Flies are incapable of stinging


Several characteristics helped to identify the Crane Fly:

  • Worm-like shape
  • Browish color
  • No distinguishable head

Eating Habits

  • Crane Fly larvae eat plant roots, decaying plants, dead leaves, and fungi
  • Adult Crane Flies do not eat anything, their only objective is to mate and then die