Emperor Penguins­čÉž

By Jordyn Jelicich­čÉž

Emperor Penguins­čÉž

Physical features

The Emperor Penguin is a unique animal. They can't fly even though they look like a bird and they use their belly to move if they are tired. Another interesting feature is that they can dive to about 1700ft in the freezing cold icy water while holding their breath for 15 minutes.


The Emperor Penguin only eats fish, krill and squid. But as a baby the dad coughs up food and the baby eats it. For 128 days not one penguin gets food except for the nestlings/chicks.


When the baby's are born they have to go without food for a month because the mum has to take a trip back to the sea so the can catch a fish and don't leave without one. To survive the dads throw up food and the baby eats it but the dad starves. To keep the baby warm the dad covers the baby in big warm blubber so he stays warm.


The Emperor Penguins usually don't live in one spot they like to move around a lot but some of them live under the ice in an ice burrow. The babies don't have a home as a chick they sleep under the adults blubber or belly. Many Emperor Penguins don't survive the winter without a home or a group to cuddle each other with.

Interesting Facts:

> Emperor penguins slide on their belly if they are tired

> Emperor penguin dads go without food for a month

> Emperor penguins are very very smart

> Emperor penguins eat fish,squid and krill

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