Mrs. Kelch's Fourth Grade

Welcome to fourth grade! I'm so happy you are here!

First Things First

Make sure you say "hi". Your names and faces are familiar, but I want to be sure I get to welcome you to our fourth grade classroom family. Even if I'm busy with someone else be sure to grab me and say "hello" and introduce me to your family.

What do I do with all of this Stuff?

Find your desk and start putting it away. I will collect your tissues and paper towels on the blue carpet by the classroom library, but the rest is yours to organize in your desk. You can also put the items I left on top of your desk away.

Mom and Dad's Schoolwork

There are two important papers and a letter on your desk for Mom and Dad. Please fill out the papers tonight and leave them on the reading table. Also, there is a website on our classroom website for Mom or Dad to fill out. You can do this in the computer lab, or you can do it at home. Please make sure Mom or Dad fills this out before Wednesday!