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sable island is southeast of Halifax,Nova Scotia and about 175 km (109 mi) southeast of the closest point of mainland Nova Scotia in the Atlantic Ocean.

Land Form Region

Sable Island is in the Appalachian Mountens region


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Sable island has dry climate and the best time to visit is between June and August.


Sable Island derived its name from the french word for "sand". It lacks natural trees, being covered instead with grass and other low-growing vegetation. In 1901, the federal government planted over 80,000 trees in an attempt to stabilize the soil; all died.


Sable Islands land form is sandy and flat with no trees


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You can only get to Sable Island by boat.


The expedition of Portuguese explorer João Álvares Fagundes explored this region in 1520–1521 and were among the first Europeans to encounter the island. It is likely that he named the island "Fagunda" after himself, but the identification of Sable Island with Fagunda is not certain. A brief attempt at French colonization at the end of the 16th century using convicts failed. The island was inhabited sporadically by sealers, shipwreck survivors, and salvagers known as wrekers

Formation Of The Park

A life-saving station was established on Sable Island by the Governor of Nova Scotia, John Wentworth, in 1801. The rescue station began the continuous human presence on the island which continues today. Wentworth appointed James Morris, a Nova Scotian veteran of the British Royal Navy as the first superintendent of the island. Morris settled on the island in October 1801 with his family. By the time Morris died on the island in 1809, he had built up the humanitarian settlement to include a central station, two rescue boat stations, several lookout posts and survivor shelters.[3] The station's rescue equipment was upgraded in 1854 with the latest generation of self-bailing lifeboats and life cars through the fundraising efforts of social reformer Dorothea Dix who had visited the island in the previous year.[4]


The island usually gets between 50 to 250 visitors a year.

Somthing Speicel

The Island is known for there horses. No one knows how the horses got there but they are very beuteful

Sable Island
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