The Toddlers Class

Miss Carrie and Miss Barbara

Week of Jan 6th

It was awesome seeing everyone back on Monday:) Barbara and I missed our whole class over the break. Last week we started the week with zoo phonics Lizzy Lizard. The phrase is Lizzy Lizard loves to catch flies l l l l.

We did some winter crafts making a snowman. Our class loved this activity. It was really messy and they loved it! The fake snow was a hit! We also made a penguin out of paper plates. They got to paint the black on it with help. Genevieve actually painted it all by herself!

I am starting to let them do more. I like to see how much they can do without help. They carry their finished craft to the mats outside the classroom. I am trying to get them to recognize their name. So far they are pretty good about knowing what is their stuff. This might seem like it is not that big of a deal, but they seem to really respond positively to doing this. As you know, they LOVE helping. Let them help now, because it won't always be like this (lol). Our class is responding so well to doing more, that they are motivating the other classes to do the same.

Our nursery rhyme this week was "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". I am impressed that most of them know this song. We sang it while walking in the church and they got to watch it on my ipad.

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Happy Birthday Isaac!


Bibs: We seem not to have a lot of bibs in weekday right now, so you might want to pack one.
Please remember jackets just in case we go out to the playground. We have a 30% chance of snow on Wednesday, and I would love to take them out in it for just the experience of snow on their face:)