Blue & Silver Newsletter

For the week of 10/2/17

Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences

We will be scheduling Fall Conferences throughout the month of October. Conferences will be 20 minutes long with both Mr. Avirett and Ms. Torres in each conference.

We can't wait to see you!

Class Dojo is Coming!

This week Mr. Avirett and Ms. Torres will be implementing Class Dojo with our classes. Please look for a flyer with information and how to join our classes to get information on your child and their day.

Important Dates

10/14 LEEF Mudstacle @ Vista Ridge High School

Our Learning Targets

Reading: While reading a variety of poems, we can identify how the author uses similes and metaphors to produce imagery.

Writing: We can write poems, in a variety of formats, that include similes and metaphors.

Social Studies: We can identify why and how the first people came to North America.

Math: We can identify factors and multiple of given numbers.

Science: We will be able to compare and contrast a variety of mixtures, including solutions.

Spelling List for the week

fire, ready, green, built, peek, peak, vane, vein, miner, minor, cent, scent, daze, days, wait

Bonus words: fearful, miserable, depressed, somber, traumatic

Second Step

Understanding Complex Feelings

It is possible to have more than one feeling at the same time.

Being able to understand that others might have complex feelings is an important part of empathy.

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