Perch Dissection Lab

Perch Dissection Lab Vu- PAP Bio- 2


Perca are the scientific name for Perch. Perch are carnivorous fish often found in lakes, ponds, rivers, or streams. They feed on smaller fish or insect larvae. There are 3 different species of perch all coming from different geographical locations. Even though perch are found all over the world, the central population is located in the Great Lakes.

Perch Objectives

Students will learn about a Perch's body parts, digestive system, circulatory system, and other background info. They will all learn these things from research and a dissection.

Evolutionary Relationships of Perch

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Perch Digestive System

When a perch consumes something, food first goes through the mouth and passes the esophagus and goes into the stomach. From there it goes into the intestine. With the help of bile produced by the liver, digestion is easier on the fish. Solid materials leave the fish through the anus.