Hybrid: Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday, February 18

How do I find out my student's cohort?

To determine your student’s currently assigned learning cohort, please follow the steps below:

  • Log into Infinite Campus Portal (browser or app version) (this information is only available in Campus, NOT Schoology)
  • Click on DOCUMENTS in the menu on the left
  • Then, click on FULL YEAR SCHEDULE
  • The cohort will be listed at the bottom left of the schedule grid

Cohort A and Cohort B are in-person learning cohorts where students come to school two days each week. Digital Academy students stay home and Zoom into classes two days each week.

If your student is in the desired cohort, there is no action necessary.

*Please note: we are still making adjustments to trimester three schedules. Class periods may change.

How do I change my student's cohort?

  • Students requesting to move from an in-person (Cohort A or Cohort B) to Digital Academy may do so beginning Friday, February 5, by contacting Student Services at 952-431-8218.
  • Students who wish to move from Digital Academy to in-person learning for Trimester 3 may do so by completing this survey between Feb. 20th through Feb. 26th.:
  • CLICK HERE for English
    Haga clic aquí para español
    Halkan u guji afsoomaali

If you are satisfied with your student's current learning model (Hybrid or Digital) you DO NOT have to fill out this survey.

Beginning February 22

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What does the hybrid schedule look like?

Students in Cohort A and B attend AVHS two days every week. The daily schedule includes all seven class periods every day. Students in Cohort A attend on Mondays and Thursdays, and students in Cohort B attend on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Students in Digital Academy will attend classes via Zoom two days every week. The days they Zoom into class is determined by last name. Students with last names A-K should Zoom into classes on Mondays and Thursdays, and students with last names L-Z should Zoom into classes on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Wednesdays are intervention and enrichment days for all students.

What do "At-Home Learning Days" look like?

Students are not required to Zoom into classes on at-home learning days; the teacher will be covering the same or similar material on both a Monday and a Tuesday with different sets of students. Some students may wish to attend a class via Zoom on an at-home learning day to hear the material again, make-up for a class they missed, or through an arrangement with a teacher. Students are welcome to Zoom into classes on their at-home days, but not required.

What time can students be dropped off on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday?

The building will open for students at 7:15 am.

When do Seniors start attending in person?

Under new guidance from Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Education, the hybrid learning model will begin for ALL STUDENTS, including seniors, on Monday, February 22.

The original plan was to only bring back students in grades 9, 10, and 11 on February 22, and seniors on March 8. The guidance at that time only allowed three grades to return to in-person learning at one time. Now that the state revised their guidance, there is no separate time table for seniors.

How will classes account for both in-person and zoom learners?

Our teachers and technology staff used our preparation days on February 16 and 17 to explore many different technology setups to facilitate teaching to both in-person and digital learners at the same time. Teachers experimented with different configurations of laptops and iPads to find solutions based on their classroom and content. Each day and class might look a little different depending on the lesson plan; teachers will work hard to make sure all students have access to the content regardless of whether they are in-person or attending via Zoom.

I do not want my student to return to in-person learning. What will change for them?

If your student is in Digital Academy, there is no action you need to take. The student will follow the Digital Academy schedule (outlined above) and Zoom into class two days a week.

If your student is in Cohort A or B, please follow the instructions above on how to change cohorts and move your student to Digital Academy.

Will the plan for at-home meal kits change?

Beginning February 22, seven-day meal kits will only be available on Wednesdays at all District 196 middle schools and high schools, and can be picked up from 10 to 11 a.m. and 4 to 5:30 p.m.

Elementary and secondary students will receive meals while in school, with additional take-home meal support for distance learning days and weekends. Please complete the ELEMENTARY TAKE-HOME MEAL form or the MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL HYBRID LEARNING TAKE-HOME MEAL form if you would like your student to have access to the additional meal supports.

Meals at school and take-home meals are free through special funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Who Do I Go To For Help?

Text Message Updates

Texts are delivered via SchoolMessenger, the mass notification service the district uses for phone calls and email messages. Parents must opt-in to receive text messages. Standard message and data rates may apply.


  • Text Y to 67587, you will receive a confirmation message stating you are registered to receive SchoolMessenger notifications via text.
  • For help information, text HELP to 67587.

  • To opt-out at any time, text STOP to 67587.

*Only SMS numbers listed as Guardians in the Infinite Campus student information system can receive texts.

**If you do not receive a confirmation message of what appears to be an error message, it most likely means that short code texting is not enabled on your wireless plan.