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Cellington Heights to get a new Cell-U-Ganic market

What does the Cell-U-Ganic store have to offer?

According to Mr. Nucleoluowski, his new store has, "the finest protein makin' machines Cellington Heights has ever seen." Why the need for Cell-U-Ganic, a major chain, found in every city, to come to Cellington Heights, one might ask. To this, the CEO says that, "everyone in the United Cells of Cellerica needs what his stores offer." Just what that offer is is the famous RiboJuicer ®. Yes, Mr. Nucleoluowski is the inventor and distributor of the Ribojuicer ® found in every Cellerican home.

Key: Mr. Nucleoluowski= Nucleolus, RiboJuicer=Ribosome

What are cellizens saying?

"I couldn't get my protein any other way," says Mr. AniCell and the reviews are just as good from Ms. PlanCell who says, "I couldn't live without his RiboJuicer!"

So there you have it, the cellizens of Cellington Heights are ecstatic about getting the new Cell-U-Ganic store because without it, we would all be dead because we wouldn't be getting the protein we need.

If you want to get ahold of Mr. Nucleoluowski, his contact information is at the bottom.

Mr. Nucleoluowski, CEO of Cell-U-Ganic

Providing the protein making power macine, the RiboJuicer, since well, ever...