Hercule Poirot

Precise, Orderly, Conservative

Viewing Poirot's views

As a previous private detective, Hercule Poirot is very thorough in looking over any policy. His ability to ferret out what floats a person's boat allows him to negotiate a better policy for his constituents.
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Economic Policy

Every piece of legislation that involves funding must get that funding from somewhere. Therefore, Poirot expects for any funded legislation to have a reasonable source for that funding before he votes for that legislation.
Instead of relying on fiscal policy to control the economy, Poirot refers congressmen to the Federal Reserve's monetary policy. Monetary policy is a swifter method of dealing with economic fluctuations and is unbiased.


Education is the foundation for the future. Therefore, it is fundamental for the parents and local governments to determine how valuable education is to them. While Poirot is a major advocate for education, he will not force any programs upon schools. It is the parents and administrators who must be involved.


America began as an immigrant's country. However, people who wish to immigrate to America should do so legally. Those who are here illegally should be evaluated for citizenship to give them an opportunity. However, if they are not given citizenship they should return to their home country. It is an honor to recieve citizenship and thus those who pose a threat should not pretend they have recieved such an honor.

About Hercule Poirot

Originally from Belgium, Poirot moved to Indiana in 1985. He was a private detective for 20 years, assisting the police in multiple murder investigations. Although he is often considered quirky, Poirot prefers to call himself orderly and cultured. He lives in Plainfield when he isn't righting wrong.